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Very sad FAQ: Monsters and Death :(

Recently, tragedy befell my Livly, shouyu kuma :( I stupidly thought I could take on a level 12 monster, being at level 30 or so myself. But sadly, I didn't type my attack commands fast enough, so after about three hits, he was dead :( :( :( sigh. Anyhoo, after this horrible learning experience, here are some tips and bits of information I can pass along to you all:

Information about monsters

- use the command: /hammer monster's name, /lightning monster's name, /wind (although that didn't seem to work when I used it...) to attack the monster. I'm sure there are many others, but these were the only ones I've heard of so far.
edit: according to mandichan you just need to type モンスター (monsutaa) instead of the monster's specific name. Also, if you type モンスター (monsutaa) after /wind, apparently then it will make a difference and do damage!! So hooray!

- depending on their level, you'll need to hit them a certain amount of times before they die. The one I hit, at level 12, was still not dead after five or six hits... so maybe their HP is their level number, and you must attack them the same amount of times as their level? That's my guess.

- *IMPORTANT TIP* before you send your first attack command, copy the text so that you can paste it in the text bar instead of typing it out every time. This is definitely what killed me x___x If I hadn't wasted time trying to type out the command every time (my computer lagged when I tried to switch back and forth from english to japanese, and also, I was freaking out and making a lot of typos. sigh.), I think I would have prevailed.

- If a monster attacks you, you get one of those patches (pictures hopefully later; but I'm sure you've seen them around). In my case, first I got a white patch, then a pink patch... then I died :( :( :( sigh.

- It seems that the monster can eventually heal back to its normal state. See, when I hit him all those times, he turned black, but recently I came across him again (scary ;___;) and I saw that he had regained his color! That bastard! I'm not sure if Livlys can also regain their strength, but I hope so!!

- mandichan once killed a monster with an angry mob a group of livlys! ^o^ And she said that you're supposed to get a bunch of dd when you do... but they didn't! So I'm not sure under what circumstances you get rewarded for killing a monster... but hopefully that one time was just a fluke.

- Hopefully we'll have some pictures to post soon! But for now, just be on the lookout for any giant bugs (mantises, spiders, bees/hornets, those sorts of things; they'll probably look out of place, so you can tell.) Also, it'll say モンスター (monsutaa) if you hover over to see their info.

What happens if your Livly dies?

- Be prepared to be traumatized, as you will see your Livly's dead body lie motionless while the monster continues to prance about his merry way.
(morbid gallery of dead Livly pictures coming [maybe] later)

- You get to keep: your island, all the dd you've collected, and all the food you've already bought.

- To adopt a new Livly to reside at your island, go here to choose a new one; make sure you're still signed in. After you've chosen which species you want, you'll get the same sign-up form as you did when you first started. You can't change your own name/username, but you can give your new Livly a different name and description; they also let you change your island name and description... however, after encountering many errors with the island name, I came to the conclusion that they won't let you rename it, despite giving you the option to. Oh well. Anyhoo, after doing that, your new livly will be delivered to your island and you can go about your normal Livly caring way! :D

- Your island will have a tombstone or cross to memorialize your poor deceased Livly. If you'd rather not be reminded of the sad occasion, you can go into your Livly book and remove it by unchecking it in the island section, under "items".


After I typed all this up, I read some very helpful comments here by twotone:

- Regardless of your level, all Livly will die after four hits from a monster.</b>

- If you come across a monster that you'd like to fight, your best bet for survival is to warp to another island and say this:

"モンスターが name of island にでました!モンスター たいじをてつだって ください!"
"monster ga name of island ni demashita! Monster taiji wo tetsudatte kudasai!"
(A monster appeared on name of island! Please help me defeat the monster!)

That way you can make friends and get higher-level Livly players to help take down the monster. ;) There are Livly teams dedicated to battling monsters, so that's probably a better bet than risking your Livly's life!

- Apparently the monsters on Livly island are very vicious now days, and will attack any livly they come across!! So if you come across one and aren't ready to fight, RUN AWAY!!!

- Monsters might be able to kill you while you are away!! twotone suspects her former Livly might have died because of this :(


In closing, if you see a monster named オオカマキリ (ookamakiri), kill that bastard, because he is totally stalking me (he's appeared at my island TWICE in one day so far!! maybe more!), and I'm not leveled up enough to attack him. ISN'T IT ENOUGH THAT HE KILLED SHOUYUKUMA'S OLDER BROTHER??? MUST HE TRY TO HARASS POOR INNOCENT SHOUYUKUMA2???///?//?/// hahaaaaaa sigh.
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