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FAQ Chapter 2: How to register/create a livly

First, go here. It lists all the steps, we'll go for them later. For now, you have to agree to the user agreement. Agree is the 2nd button at the bottom of the text box.

Livly List:
Look at the different types of livly available (it varies, so sorry if a type you wanted is no longer there T_T) Click on the one you like most! (The type only effects the look of your livly, they all have the same abilities.)

You'll see some info on the one you picked. Now its time to fill out your info. It may not let you enter English characters depending on your browser.. (>_<)
The text entry boxes are as follows:
Owner Name:
Livly Name:
Livly Profile: (50 characters, no special characters)
Island name:
Island profile:

You can change your profile at any time, but not your names. Keep that in mind :D Also, names are case sensitive when you sign in.

In the next section, the first box is your e-mail address. You'll need this to verify your livly.
Next is gender (female, then male)
Then is age.
Next is location. If you're outside of Japan, choose the last one (which is "other".)

Then hit ok!
If you've gotten, it probably didn't like the characters you used. Try using japanese, or something more simple.

You should recieve an e-mail. Follow the link in it, and you'll go to a page with 2 text entry boxes. Enter what you want your password to be into both of them. After you hit ok, you'll go right to island and livly! You might want to bookmark this page XD
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