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Livly LJ Land!

Discussion & help!

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This is a community for the online virtual pet community, livly! Livly is only available in Japanese, so this community is intended to give English speaking Livly users a place to chat and also to post instructions, tips, fun stories, and anything else you can think of!

mandichan - Super Moderator/Founder. Livly = Shi-putan

ilovegravy - Super Moderator/Co-founder. Livly = shouyu kuma

Please note that we are not fluent in Japanese, so our translations/explainations may not be perfect! But good enough ;D

Any instructional/faq posts will be added to this journal's memories! New users, check them out! XD

Anyway, the only rules are be nice, be on topic and no drama! (Not that I'm expecting any XD)

Have fun~