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[12 Nov 2009|09:55pm]

Wow, time sort of flies- and here I am, putting off homework. :D

Anyway, thought I'd mention that testing for Livly Island COR is going on now- basically it's a newer, revamped Livly Island.

You can get to it from here.


- The data from 7th November, 10am is used
- It'll last until 15th November, 7pm
- You get 30000YM (cash currency) and 3000dd
- You get to enter the G.L.L. ......sort of.
- HOWEVER none of this data will be saved (fat hope there), it's separate from the actual game data (meaning you still have to feed your pet on the normal part of the site)

So if you love shiny new things, go check it out. (click on the paper airplane in your room for a tutorial of sorts.)

Regarding entering the G.L.L. in Livly Island COR- it's actually the P.L.L. (no idea what the P stands for) which is a copy of the G.L.L. (NPCs are paper/cardboard cutouts!) and you can't do much in there, not even buy stuff. I couldn't get into certain places, too. Might be worth poking around, I suppose.

In time the whole site will be revamped into this, and there are a few functions of note:

- Ability to keep more than one pet/island (up to 3 max)
- Ability to pet/stroke pets (no idea what effect this is supposed to have, but poking..!)
- Handy labels on things so you...sort of know better where to click for some functions...if you can read it...basically some sort of menu revamp. Mildly confusing but loads more convenient for swapping hats (if you have any) and islands and..stuff.

And because I can't help it, have a fat white black dog.
150 days old today!

And also, if I could know whether anyone actually needs the information (how many English speakers want to play?)..I could do an in-depth translation of the site (whatever hasn't already been posted) plus a theory on how to buy G.L.L. passports/YM. (theory because I'm a cheapskate and a miser (and saving up money too), so I haven't tried it yet.)
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[17 Jun 2009|03:17pm]

Hello! I'm aware it's been over half a year since anyone's posted in here, but I can't seem to find any source that will answer all my questions (seeing how the Livly site's information seems to be badly organised and answers any questions except the ones I have), and can't find anyone else who speaks a language I'm comfortable with.

I'm mostly concerned about the size and colour of fed Livlys (Livlies?)- is the change supposed to be obvious? Also, does only the white worm increase size, or does any food increase size?
So far mine has eaten 2 green, 2 red, 5 white and it doesn't look any different from what it started off as. At least, I don't see any difference xD;
Or perhaps the colour change is too small to be noticed, but size? The description of the white worm doesn't mention anything about size changing, only that it makes the Livly full easily. (same for the black ant)

Thanks |D; If needed, I'm quite happy to help translate/type up information for Livly, I think it'd be nice to have some kind of a resource for English-speaking players.
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[22 Oct 2008|09:02am]

[ mood | crappy ]

Hello! I've been a member of Livly for few days. I have a question.
Do you know how/where I can buy a hat or an new island? : o

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livly color guide! (detailed, but kinda incomplete :/) [18 Oct 2006|11:45pm]

[ mood | productive ]

Livly food guide
...that I meant to post, oh, almost a year ago. hahaha

Alrighty, so basically, this guide/FAQ is for those of you that would like to make your Livly a certain/specific color.

Guide for a general color

If you don't have a SPECIFIC color preference that you want your Livly to be (i.e. you don't have a RGB% or Hex number color you picked out and just want it to be "light blue" or "dark red"), here's all you need to know.

note: every livly has a different exterior, and thus, will have different shades of whatever base color you achieve.

* Eat the blue beetle (rurisenchikogane / ルリセンチコガネ) if you would like to make your Livly as blue as possible. What it does is, decrease the amounts of red and green color, and increase the amount of blue. Basically, eat this bug if you would like like your Livly to end up a medium to dark shade of blue.

* Eat the red ladybug (tentoumushi / テントウムシ) if you would like to make your Livly as red as possible. What it does is, decrease the amounts of blue and green color, and increase the amount of red. Basically, eat this bug if you would like like your Livly to end up a medium to dark shade of red.

* Eat the green cricket (onbubatta / オンブバッタ) if you would like to make your Livly as green as possible. What it does is, decrease the amounts of red and blue color, and increase the amount of green. Basically, eat this bug if you would like like your Livly to end up a medium to dark shade of green.

* Eat the white worm (kabutomushi / カブトムシ) if you would like to make your Livly pastel or as white as possible. What this worm does, is increase the R, G, and B levels, thus bringing it closer to white. On top of that, eating this worm will also increase the size of your livly.

* Eat the black ant (kuroyamaari / クロヤマアリ) if you would like to make your Livly darker or as black as possible. So it will turn down the R, G, and B levels in equal part. It also makes your livly smaller, but VERY slowly, and again, it will also make it dark at the same time.

* Eat the blue worm (sesujisuzume / セスジスズメ) if you would like to make your Livly light red, the red worm (tsumagurohyoumon / ツマグロヒョウモン), if you would like to make your Livly light green, the green worm (aomushi / アオムシ) if you would like to make your Livly light blue. So what these worms do, is increase their respective color level ONLY. So if you eat a red worm it will ONLY increase the R level, and the G and B level will remain the same. This is how you can achieve a pastel color.

For pictures and other info, this person's livly site is really great: http://homepage1.nifty.com/LUNA-VOICE/MADONA.html
(Japanese only, however, but there's lots of pictures to reference)

Color only updates AFTER you leave and come back. (or refresh the page)

Alrighty, so that is all! Hope this helps anyone who might still have a Livly and/or finds this post and wants to adopt a Livly! ^_^

I apologize that this guide isn't as comprehensive as I planned/hoped it to be (plus, I just finished cobbling it together on very little sleep... so hopefully it makes sense; got knows I made it sound pretty bland and generic, haha)... but ah, mandichan and I haven't gone on livly in at least over a year, maybe more. hahah So sadly, I'm pretty out of touch with it now :( It was fun/cute while I did have my beloved shouyukuma though ;_;

ps- feel free to comment with any questions and I'll try to answer them if I can :/

and now, here are the raw 'data logs' of all my various 'experiments' in livly coloring. haha if you're a crazy person like me, perhaps you might be able to get something out of these, but if not, then you can at least rest assured that you're normal. hahahCollapse )
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[12 Jan 2005|04:05pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

Thank you mandichan for helping me get around livly! *does a little happy dance*. Here's 4 more questions I need assistance with ^__^

1. How can you make your livly a different color?
2. I noticed some livly's were wearing items like, bandages, eye patches, etc...Do you get those when you get hurt or are they actual items you can buy?
3. There were a couple of places that I visited and I was wondering about. Whats the jail looking place for? Livly has a theme park? does the lab explain what livly's are?
4. What happens when you use heart on someone?

Thats all I can think of for now. Thank you again mandichan for helping me navigate around livly ^__^

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[11 Jan 2005|05:07am]

[ mood | confused ]

Hi! I'm new to the community and to livly ^_^. I'm glad there's a community for this. Anywho...Here's my livly: http://www.livly.com/mypage.php?uid=1hSP&s=5. I just made my account and im ready to play but im having one problem. I really don't understand how to get started. How do I visit other islands? how do I edit my profile and stuff. I just need help getting around the site and stuff. If someone could help me i'll really appreciate it :)

Thank you <3

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Very sad FAQ: Monsters and Death :( [21 Mar 2004|10:09pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Recently, tragedy befell my Livly, shouyu kuma :( I stupidly thought I could take on a level 12 monster, being at level 30 or so myself. But sadly, I didn't type my attack commands fast enough, so after about three hits, he was dead :( :( :( sigh. Anyhoo, after this horrible learning experience, here are some tips and bits of information I can pass along to you all:

Information about monsters

- use the command: /hammer monster's name, /lightning monster's name, /wind (although that didn't seem to work when I used it...) to attack the monster. I'm sure there are many others, but these were the only ones I've heard of so far.
edit: according to mandichan you just need to type モンスター (monsutaa) instead of the monster's specific name. Also, if you type モンスター (monsutaa) after /wind, apparently then it will make a difference and do damage!! So hooray!

- depending on their level, you'll need to hit them a certain amount of times before they die. The one I hit, at level 12, was still not dead after five or six hits... so maybe their HP is their level number, and you must attack them the same amount of times as their level? That's my guess.

- *IMPORTANT TIP* before you send your first attack command, copy the text so that you can paste it in the text bar instead of typing it out every time. This is definitely what killed me x___x If I hadn't wasted time trying to type out the command every time (my computer lagged when I tried to switch back and forth from english to japanese, and also, I was freaking out and making a lot of typos. sigh.), I think I would have prevailed.

- If a monster attacks you, you get one of those patches (pictures hopefully later; but I'm sure you've seen them around). In my case, first I got a white patch, then a pink patch... then I died :( :( :( sigh.

- It seems that the monster can eventually heal back to its normal state. See, when I hit him all those times, he turned black, but recently I came across him again (scary ;___;) and I saw that he had regained his color! That bastard! I'm not sure if Livlys can also regain their strength, but I hope so!!

- mandichan once killed a monster with an angry mob a group of livlys! ^o^ And she said that you're supposed to get a bunch of dd when you do... but they didn't! So I'm not sure under what circumstances you get rewarded for killing a monster... but hopefully that one time was just a fluke.

- Hopefully we'll have some pictures to post soon! But for now, just be on the lookout for any giant bugs (mantises, spiders, bees/hornets, those sorts of things; they'll probably look out of place, so you can tell.) Also, it'll say モンスター (monsutaa) if you hover over to see their info.

What happens if your Livly dies?

- Be prepared to be traumatized, as you will see your Livly's dead body lie motionless while the monster continues to prance about his merry way.
(morbid gallery of dead Livly pictures coming [maybe] later)

- You get to keep: your island, all the dd you've collected, and all the food you've already bought.

- To adopt a new Livly to reside at your island, go here to choose a new one; make sure you're still signed in. After you've chosen which species you want, you'll get the same sign-up form as you did when you first started. You can't change your own name/username, but you can give your new Livly a different name and description; they also let you change your island name and description... however, after encountering many errors with the island name, I came to the conclusion that they won't let you rename it, despite giving you the option to. Oh well. Anyhoo, after doing that, your new livly will be delivered to your island and you can go about your normal Livly caring way! :D

- Your island will have a tombstone or cross to memorialize your poor deceased Livly. If you'd rather not be reminded of the sad occasion, you can go into your Livly book and remove it by unchecking it in the island section, under "items".


After I typed all this up, I read some very helpful comments here by twotone:

- Regardless of your level, all Livly will die after four hits from a monster.</b>

- If you come across a monster that you'd like to fight, your best bet for survival is to warp to another island and say this:

"モンスターが name of island にでました!モンスター たいじをてつだって ください!"
"monster ga name of island ni demashita! Monster taiji wo tetsudatte kudasai!"
(A monster appeared on name of island! Please help me defeat the monster!)

That way you can make friends and get higher-level Livly players to help take down the monster. ;) There are Livly teams dedicated to battling monsters, so that's probably a better bet than risking your Livly's life!

- Apparently the monsters on Livly island are very vicious now days, and will attack any livly they come across!! So if you come across one and aren't ready to fight, RUN AWAY!!!

- Monsters might be able to kill you while you are away!! twotone suspects her former Livly might have died because of this :(


In closing, if you see a monster named オオカマキリ (ookamakiri), kill that bastard, because he is totally stalking me (he's appeared at my island TWICE in one day so far!! maybe more!), and I'm not leveled up enough to attack him. ISN'T IT ENOUGH THAT HE KILLED SHOUYUKUMA'S OLDER BROTHER??? MUST HE TRY TO HARASS POOR INNOCENT SHOUYUKUMA2???///?//?/// hahaaaaaa sigh.

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MONSTER ATTACK!! [15 Mar 2004|01:58pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

Ahhhh~~!! Just a few minutes ago, a monster appeared on my island! I was out, but ilovegravy was there and reported it to me! So I warped back, and it was this big bee monster named Suzukihachi. I thought the technique /sling would attack it, but it wasn't working. His name was shown as "monster no suzukihachi" so first I tried "suzukihachi", then I tried "monster", and then I tried "monster no suzukihachi", but he warped away before that went through.
Anyway, he didn't attack or anything, but somehow managed to warp Shouyu Kuma away! But no one was injured so that's good. Still though, I wanted to beat him and get all the dd he had XD Maybe next time!!

Anyway, if anyone sees a monster on their island and are not a high enough level to fight it, you should probably warp away! Because when you see those people with patches on them, that's from monster injuries, and yes they can kill your livly T_T

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FAQ Chapter 2: How to register/create a livly [14 Mar 2004|08:23pm]

First, go here. It lists all the steps, we'll go for them later. For now, you have to agree to the user agreement. Agree is the 2nd button at the bottom of the text box.

Livly List:
Look at the different types of livly available (it varies, so sorry if a type you wanted is no longer there T_T) Click on the one you like most! (The type only effects the look of your livly, they all have the same abilities.)

You'll see some info on the one you picked. Now its time to fill out your info. It may not let you enter English characters depending on your browser.. (>_<)
The text entry boxes are as follows:
Owner Name:
Livly Name:
Livly Profile: (50 characters, no special characters)
Island name:
Island profile:

You can change your profile at any time, but not your names. Keep that in mind :D Also, names are case sensitive when you sign in.

In the next section, the first box is your e-mail address. You'll need this to verify your livly.
Next is gender (female, then male)
Then is age.
Next is location. If you're outside of Japan, choose the last one (which is "other".)

Then hit ok!
If you've gotten, it probably didn't like the characters you used. Try using japanese, or something more simple.

You should recieve an e-mail. Follow the link in it, and you'll go to a page with 2 text entry boxes. Enter what you want your password to be into both of them. After you hit ok, you'll go right to island and livly! You might want to bookmark this page XD
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FAQ Chapter 1: What's Livly? [14 Mar 2004|08:10pm]

This is a basic summary of what's written on the What's Livly section of the site, here!

Livlys are mysterious pets discovered by Dr. Muler the scientist, and used to be secret pets in Europe.
They are very small and have many different kinds.
They live on islands and eat bugs.
Their poop is called doodoo(dd) and looks like diamons. They can use it to buy food and islands.
When they eat the food, they can grow and change color.
With their masters help, they can learn all sorts of magic.
They can fight monsters.
They can walk to different islands and talk to all different people.
Take good care of them!

Ready to sign up? I'll go through that in the next part of the faq XD
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First post! [14 Mar 2004|07:39pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hi everyone~ Welcome to the livly community! Please check the info for all the details! I hope we can introduce a lot of new people to livlys though this community and have a lot of fun XD

I'll be posting a series of FAQs and adding them to the memories, hopefully this will help some of you out! XD


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