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Ahhhh~~!! Just a few minutes ago, a monster appeared on my island! I was out, but ilovegravy was there and reported it to me! So I warped back, and it was this big bee monster named Suzukihachi. I thought the technique /sling would attack it, but it wasn't working. His name was shown as "monster no suzukihachi" so first I tried "suzukihachi", then I tried "monster", and then I tried "monster no suzukihachi", but he warped away before that went through.
Anyway, he didn't attack or anything, but somehow managed to warp Shouyu Kuma away! But no one was injured so that's good. Still though, I wanted to beat him and get all the dd he had XD Maybe next time!!

Anyway, if anyone sees a monster on their island and are not a high enough level to fight it, you should probably warp away! Because when you see those people with patches on them, that's from monster injuries, and yes they can kill your livly T_T
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